Wesley Bartlett hides away in his Fifth Avenue apartment sneering at the world, forever mired in his past career success as an up-and-coming designer with his own fashion house. But when a polo accident took away the use of his legs, he allowed it to abscond with his happiness, as well. Now Mr. Bartlett finds fleeting joy in the melodious sounds of the piano as it struggles to brighten his ember, Merlot and ginger-stained view of life. Wander below to see what makes Wesley so wicked.




OCCUPATION: Former owner of Bartlett Fashion House.

HOBBIES: Classical music, couture. Wields tongue like a weapon.

RESIDENCE: 7,500 square foot apartment on Park Avenue.

DESCRIPTION: 52, impeccable dresser, wistful, sour faced.

STRENGTH: Acidic personality and flawless taste attracts friends.

WEAKNESS: His longing for success mires him in past failures.