Snuffy Walden’s bold persona is reflected in his fashion and color choices. His signature look consists of a tartan vest, green necktie and gold pocket watch. Combine this with his fleecy white hair and sizable girth, and one could easily confuse him for Old Saint Nick. Much like the famous toy maker, Snuffy does have a soft spot for children. Especially those in the foster care system. That’s what motivated him to open a charity on their behalf. Altruistic as he appears, it’s Mr. Walden’s nefarious antics that land him squarely on the naughty list. Check out this bad guy’s brand..




OCCUPATION: Editor-in-chief of Village Vindicator blog.

HOBBIES: Acting as moral watchdog. Antagonizing the rich.

RESIDENCES: Townhouse in Harlem. Cabin in Blue Mountain Lake.

DESCRIPTION: 73, large girth and fleecy hair resembling Santa. 

STRENGTHS: Bold, Incorrigible, persistent, and cocky.

WEAKNESS: His love of money triggers unscrupulous behavior.