Sebastian Noble is a self-proclaimed fashionista whose existence hinges on leaving the world a more beautiful place than he found it. This includes striking strenuous poses in yoga class so he can maintain his Taye Diggs pecks. Stands to reason his wardrobe and color scheme reflect the sleek lines of the Chrysler Building and sophisticated, yet earthy, tones that tell the world he’s swanky, fresh and glam. And let’s not forget, snarky.
Peek into Sebastian’s panache and fashion flair below.




OCCUPATION: Head dresser for famous fashion designers.

HOBBIES: Entertaining, yoga. Turning sterile apartments homey.

RESIDENCES: Swanky abodes where he house-sits for supermodels.

DESCRIPTION: 37, African-American, bottle-green eyes, Taye Diggs pecks.

STRENGTHS: Well-connected, resourceful with snarky sense of humor.

WEAKNESS: His thirst for attention causes his ego to sprout antennae.