Portia Van Cleve looks like a walking cover for Town and Country magazine. She’s femininity personified and every element of her life reflects it. Chanel suits hang in her closet and boxes of Cartier, Tiffany and Harry Winston jewels remain hidden away in her safety deposit box. So it’s no surprise that Portia’s personal color scheme reflects the richest ruby and most tender blush. Rounding things out are equally ritzy accent colors. Platinum to match her American Express card and gold to complement her Chanel No. 5.
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OCCUPATION: Socialite and founder of Van Cleve foundation.

HOBBIES: Fashion, jewelry. Raising funds for charitable causes.

RESIDENCES: Park Avenue apartment. Homes worldwide.

DESCRIPTION: 46, golden-blond, willowy figure. Jackie O reincarnate.

STRENGTHS: Chic, elegant and striking. Classic sense of style.

WEAKNESS: Her lust for independence ignites her duplicity.