As soon as Juliana’s divorce is final, she decides to uproot her life and start over.
But attending NYU law school isn’t cheap. Still, like everything Juliana pursues, she
does so with gusto. Hence her color palette consists of fiery red, intense gold and smoldering gray and black. On those rare occasions when she’s not running on all cylinders, this forty-five-year-old downshifts into more relaxing but feminine shades
like turquoise, blush, and white. Get a glimpse of Juliana’s style and profile below.




OCCUPATION: Blogger, aspiring attorney with 12 part-time jobs.

HOBBIES: History, architecture. Passionate about the Gilded Age.

RESIDENCE: Five-story walk-up in Hell’s Kitchen.

DESCRIPTION: 45, 5’ 9” with mahogany hair and green eyes.

STRENGTHS: Enthusiastic and driven. Advocate for women.

WEAKNESS: Her desire for law degree sparks salacious assignment.