Josephine Bartlett has an eye for interior design. She purchased the couple’s music room from a crumbling chateau in Bordeaux, France, shipped it across the ocean, and had it reassembled in their Fifth Avenue apartment. This way she can surround herself with gilded molding and ornamental embellishments. The perfect accent for her jewel-toned color palette of rich jade, shimmering emeralds and splashes of champagne. The only thing in Josephine’s life, that isn’t a gem, is her husband Wesley. Learn more about Mrs. Bartlett’s glamorous style and profile in the section below.




OCCUPATION: Socialite and interior design aficionado.

HOBBIES: Drinking champagne. Collecting expensive decor.

RESIDENCES: 7,500 square foot apartment on Park Avenue.

DESCRIPTION: 49, auburn-haired, glamorous, sensual & salty.

STRENGTHS: Eye for style. Uses acerbic wit to command respect.

WEAKNESS: Her need for companionship spurs an obsession for order.