Lucinda, the Duchess of Montrose, is a woman of the world. She’s well-traveled and
well-bred, but unfortunately her apartment shows signs of being well-worn. Lucinda isn’t the only person in this story to face financial challenges, yet she may have the most to lose when her money woes threaten to sully her reputation. Still, as a refined English woman, the duchess’s color palette consists of luxurious tones worthy of the gems that make up the crown jewels. Delve into this royal’s stylish attributes and dossier below.




OCCUPATION: Member of the British royal family.

HOBBIES: Gardening, afternoon tea. Delighting in anything scandalous.

RESIDENCES: Fifth Avenue apartment. English country estate.

DESCRIPTION: 71, Gleaming face, apple cheeks, sweeping blond hair.

STRENGTHS: Graceful, elegant, distinguished and compassionate toward others.

WEAKNESS: Her urge for financial solvency drives poor decisions.