Everything about Charles Van Cleve reeks of power and prestige. From his Gulfstream jet to his monogrammed cufflinks. Therefore, it’s no surprise that his brand emulates the finer things in life. He decks out his Madison Avenue office with contemporary leather chairs and a burl-wood desk that gleams like a luxury car interior. Though the eclectic mix of traditional and modern finishes exudes harmony, his family life is anything but. Scroll below to get a rundown on this Renaissance man.




OCCUPATION: CEO of Van Cleve Enterprises arbitrage firm.

HOBBIES: Architecture, history. Admires French antiques.

RESIDENCES: Penthouse on Park Avenue. Homes worldwide.

DESCRIPTION: 53, charismatic features, silent film star looks.

STRENGTHS: Foretelling and fearless. Edgy like a summer storm.

WEAKNESS: His desire for harmony fosters family’s manipulation.