When sleeping women wake, mountains move. This proverb propelled recently divorced Juliana Gentry to work twelve part-time jobs in her quest to pay for law school. But with tuition due in less than a month, she needs an infusion of cash. Enter the duchess. The mature woman with impeccable taste teaches Juliana about the seduction clause—an infidelity rider that, once violated, will nullify even the most ironclad prenuptial agreement.

Juliana Gentry Seductress Block

Armed with a new education, Juliana wastes no time landing her first client, a socialite desperate for Juliana to seduce her husband before he divorces her for failing to produce an heir. But in Juliana’s haste to reinvent herself and earn the $100,000 fee, the forty-five-year-old overlooks one key fact—success breeds enemies.

With her plan exposed, Juliana must fend off a blackmail threat from the unscrupulous moral watchdog of New York society, leaving her to answer the impossible question: How can she protect her dream of becoming an attorney without victimizing the very gender she’s trying to empower?

second acts

Age is a number, not an excuse. Just look at how these women tackled midlife. From Margaret Fogarty Rudkin launching her baking enterprise, Pepperidge Farm, at age 40 to Mother Teresa winning the Nobel Peace Prize the year she turned 69. There’s one thing for sure. These females were fearless.

Now’s your chance to rev up your future by harnessing your life experience to solidify your desires. Need a little inspiration first? Then check out how these women rocked their dreams in the second acts of their lives.